Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quidditch ~ Round Two

1. With whom does Ginny go to the Yule Ball?
a. Neville

2. When Harry arrives at the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley makes them all dinner the night before they leave for the Quidditch World Cup, what does her wand turn into?
b. rubber chicken

3. Since some of the sixth-year girls didn't have any quills on them, what did they think Krum might sign their hats in?
c. lipstick

4. How old does the Quick Quotes Quill say that Rita Skeeter is?
a. 43

5. What color cloak is wormtail wearing in the Riddle house?
b. Black

6. What color is "Mad Eye" Moody's magical eye?
d. Blue

7. What color are the robes that Rita Skeeter was wearing when Harry meets her at the Weighing of the Wands ceremony?
b. Magenta

8. What does Sirius Black tell Harry, Ron and Hermione to call him when speaking around anyone else?
b. Snuffles

9. Which team beat Wales, disqualifying them from competing for the Quidditch World Cup?
c. Uganda

10. What does Madame Maxime say is the only thing her steeds will drink?
c. single-malt whiskey

Picture Hunt
Goblet of Fire-
Madam Maxime-
Dragon from first challenge-
Viktor Krum-
Madam Pomfrey-

All posts to this blog are hereby suspended except for quidditch, because blogger hates me. Hmph.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everybody Else Is Doing It...

So why shouldn't I?

Muggle music moment over...

Everyone has been taking this quiz, and normally I wouldn't bother cluttering my blog with it... I'm not a lemming after all. But this time, the results were actually fairly interesting... not the 1st result, but the 2nd... I actually could've predicted it, but most other people wouldn't believe it...

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with
You scored as Hermione Granger

You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Hermione Granger


Severus Snape


Ginny Weasley


Remus Lupin


Albus Dumbledore


Draco Malfoy


Ron Weasley


Harry Potter


Lord Voldemort


Sirius Black


Friday, February 1, 2008

Quidditch round 1

I would have posted these sooner, but as I no longer have my copy of book 4, and our local library closed down for remodeling... 4 of them were very detailed and had to come straight from the book, not my memory or the online summary... but here they are finally.

1. What was Harry dreaming about the first time he woke up with his scar on fire?
b. Voldemort and Wormtail plotting to kill him

2. What is the problem with leprechaun gold?
a. It vanishes after a few hours

3. Why did Mad-Eye Moody turn Malfoy into a ferret?
c. Malfoy attached Harry when Harry's back was turned

4. Sirius warns Harry to be careful around Karkaroff because he had been a Death Eater. Which one of the professors at Hogwarts, who also used to be a Death Eater, is frequently bothered by Karkaroff?
Answer: Snape

5. Voldemort could have used the blood from any foe to make the potion that revived him work, but he held out for Harry's blood. Why?
c. The special protection Harry received from his mother would also pass to Voldemort

6. How old would Frank have been on his next birthday?
d. 77

7. Amos Diggory works for?
b. The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

8. Who shared a carriage with the three friends on the way from the train to Hogwarts?
Answer: Neville

9. What date in October did the delegates from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive?
a. 30th

10. What color were Percy's dress robes at the Yule Ball?
a. Navy Blue

Picture Scavenger Hunt
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Mr. Ollivander
Mad-Eye Moody
World Cup Tournament
Dark Mark

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I just realized

I missed the knitting club meeting...

I was a bit ill. I had to see the muggle dentist today, and the doctor tomorrow.


Ah well, while waiting I got a fair bit of knitting done...

Something else occurred to me though- Which 2 house members didn't post at all this week? It had to have been 2 who don't have character blogs... because all of us with character blogs post our quiz answers in them if nothing else...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quiz #2

First off... I despise word scrambles, word searches, coloring sheets, and writing sentences/words as school assignments. Of course I also despise overly long assignments, such as 30 question math worksheets. Honestly. As Ravenclaws, we are intelligent are we not? We need something intelligent to do...

*twiddles thumbs*

So I went ahead and did my quiz, just so I wouldn't spend all week looking at it and dreading it...

1. TriWizard Tournament
2. Hungarian Horntail
3. Mad Eye Moody
4. Rita Skeeter
5. Unspeakables
6. Snuffles
7. Pensieve
8. Imperius
9. Butterbeer
10. Firebolt

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ravenclaw Knitting Club meeting 1-16-08

Was interesting. We got attacked by a crazy and ended up having to password protect the common room.


We had a nice discussion though. We are planning house shirts. This should be fun.
*insert evil laugh here*

Ah well... not much else to say I suppose...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ah, Tuesday.

While working on my homework quiz, I realized most of my housemates have wand and patronus info up. Hm. I don't think I'll post my patronus, I mean, honestly, that's kinda personal...

But as for my wand? I have to be different. All these girls have Holly and Birch... and I'm the only one in the house that I know of with Olive.

Wood type: olive
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Phoenix Feather

get your own wand!

Olive wands tend to choose the witch or wizard who possess above average intelligence, not to mention often an overactive imagination. Olive wands are also a favorite of healers and are especially good not only for healing but also for protective spells. Many believe the bearers of Olive wands to be good at decision making - but this is not necessarily so. The owner of an olive wand may be decisive but that does not mean their decisions are the right ones. On the other side of the coin they may be so busy worrying about what is right that they are unable to ever reach a conclusion.

With that noted, I also noticed everyone else seems to have way more posted than I do. I'm just not that social of a person I suppose.

But a little bit about me:
I am a pureblood, but my parents divorced when I was small and my mother married a muggle and gave up her magic. In my opinion, NOT a smart move, but that's a story for another day. I'm not anti-muggle by any means, as my dearest love is most definitely a muggle, bless his heart. I just think that one should use every means of self-preservation one has available, and by giving up her magic, she gave up a vital part of herself.

I'm a bit selfish at times, or so I've been told. In truth, I was almost put in Slytherin. I think a good part of why I wasn't is my true sympathy for muggles. Or perhaps it's just that, well, looking back over my answers to the first quiz, I go way above and beyond. It asks for 4 patronuses and 5 wand woods. I listed them all. I just didn't feel right only listing some of my housemates. I didn't want it to seem like I was playing favorites, so I listed them all...

Speaking of which, here is my homework.

1. Name 4 housemates who have revealed their Patronuses and list the form their Patronuses take.
Cassandra Hopkirk-Eagle
Minerva Kwikspell -Eagle
Patonga Pinkstone - Tiger
Perpetua Phoenixfire - Eagle
Lavender Ackerly - Tiger
Lavender Diggory - Wolf
Fleur Crockford - Hydra
Avada Finch-Fletchley - Phoenix
Ferula Vector - Eagle

2. Who attended the first meeting of the Ravenclaw Knitting Club?
Elanor Cadogan
Gabriella Clearwater
Fleur Lovegoods
Cassandra Hopkirk
Millicent Brocklehurst
Minerva Kwikspell
Enid Black
Allitrya Spelling
Mafalda Ackerley
Serafina Starfire

3. Name the housemate who likes to knit with peacock feathers.
Fleur Lovegoods

4. Name the Ravenclaw who spent the New Year at Hogwart's Costume Ball.
Emma Diggory

5. Which Ravenclaw got the first howler?
Lavender Ackerly

6. Name 5 different types of wood used in the wands of Ravenclaws and name the housemate having that wand.
Fleur Lovegood - Ebony
Cassandra Hopkirk, Minerva Kwikspell, Patonga Pinkstone, & Cecilia Kettleburn - Holly
Elanor Cadogan - Hawthorn
Gabriella Clearwater - Walnut
Perpetua Phoenixfire, Patonga Wigworthy, & Ferula Vector - Birch
Lavender Diggory - Apple
Fleur Crockford & Selina Starfire - Maple
Avada Finch-Fletchley - Cherry
Selina Starflame - Oak

7. Who accidentally ate a toenail flavored Every Flavor Bean?
Serafina Starfire

8. Who cast a noise dampening spell before going to bed and then overslept?
Esmerelda Beanswallow

9. Besides the HSKS4 blog, on what blog will you find the Ravenclaw Anthem?
Minerva Kwikspell

10. Which housemate has a Muggle cellular phone?
Victoria Black

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I decided that maybe there is some use for a blog. If nothing else, just another way to clog up the internet with my ramblings...